Connect to TeamSpeak 3 Server

Please enter a nickname and click on "Connect" (TeamSpeak 3 must be installed and registered as a URL handler for ts3server: // URLs in the browser).

TeamSpeak 3 Regeln

  1. NO recordings (NO exceptions)
  2. Do not interrupt others.
  3. Let others have their say.
  4. Do not send unnecessary background or breath sounds. Set your microphone sensitivity correctly or use push-to-talk.
  5. If you are away for a long time, go to the dedicated channel.
  6. No vulgar language or strong language before 22:00.
  7. Guests are generally allowed, but only when accompanied by a guild member.
  8. No illegal uploads via the file transfer function.
  9. Music streaming is not allowed.
  10. Do not drag other users into other channels without their permission.